Avion enabled Canadian FinTech Startup to scale their operations with Custom bots.

A thriving Media strategy firm grappled with the complexity of managing and optimizing its extensive data flow. Diverse data sources and manual processes impeded their ability to extract valuable insights and operations data efficiently, resulting in a loss of 35% of sales.


  • • Data Management Woes: The client struggled with disparate data sources, impeding seamless collaboration.
  • • Access Hurdles: Inefficient data access hindered timely decision-making and project execution.
  • • Data Security Concerns: With a growing database, ensuring robust backup and security became critical.

Our Approach:

Recognizing the need for a data-driven strategy, Avion Analytics conducted an in-depth assessment. We aimed to enhance data utilization, automate processes, and integrate financial analytics into their marketing operations.


  • • Automated Data Workflows: Introduced automated workflows to streamline data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) processes.
  • • Custom Software Integration: Developed a tailored software solution for real-time data monitoring, ensuring timely insights crucial for strategic marketing decisions.
  • • Financial Analytics Integration: Integrated financial analysis tools to provide a holistic view of marketing campaign ROI and budget allocation.


  • • Time Savings: Automated processes led to a 30% reduction in manual data handling time, allowing the team to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • • Real-time Marketing Insights: The custom software provided instant insights into campaign performance, optimizing marketing strategies on the fly.
  • • Financial Visibility: Integrated financial analytics enabled a 20% increase in cost-effectiveness by aligning marketing spend with revenue generation.
  • • Enhanced Collaboration: The client experienced heightened team collaboration with improved data access, driving creativity and productivity.


  • • Quick Turnaround Time: The client witnessed a marked improvement in project turnaround times.
  • • Enhanced Collaboration: Seamless data access promoted a collaborative work environment.
  • • Data Security: Automated backups assured data loss, enhancing overall data security.
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