Norwegian Solar Leader Transforms Financial Operations, Achieving 50% reduction in cost.

The largest solar supplier and installer in Norway, leading the charge in sustainable energy solutions. Faced with the need for more efficient financial management and reporting, they sought Avion Analytics to enhance their processes.


  • • Management Accounting Complexity: The client required streamlined management accounting reports for clearer insights.
  • • Manual Finance Reporting: An inefficient and time-consuming finance reporting process needs automation.
  • • ERP Integration: The need to integrate with their ERP system for custom report generation.

Our Approach:

Understanding the need for precision and efficiency, Avion Analytics embarked on a mission to transform the client's financial operations.


  • • Automated Management Reports: Avion streamlined and automated the production of management reports, reducing the reporting process from 20 to 7 days.
  • • ERP Integration with Utilizing API, we seamlessly integrated with their ERP system, enhancing data flow and generating custom reports.


  • • Increased Efficiency: A remarkable 25% increase in efficiency, allowing the client to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • • Streamlined Processes: The internal finance team was empowered with a more straightforward and efficient finance process.
  • • Cost Savings: Integration with and ERP led to a 50% reduction in labour costs.


  • • Swift Reporting: From 20 days to just 7, the client now enjoys quicker and more responsive financial reporting.
  • • Enhanced Insights: Custom reports provide deeper insights, aiding strategic decision-making.
  • • Cost-Efficiency: Significant savings through reduced labour costs contribute to overall financial health.


Avion Analytics partnered with the largest solar company in Norway to transform their financial landscape, introducing efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness. The successful integration and automation not only streamlined processes but also empowered the client for future growth in the sustainable energy sector.

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